RF Testing


To provide the best at a fair price is our motto when we are discussing solutions and technologies with our customers. There are no compromises in quality or functionality with Narda, as the consequences of this would be too damaging to our customers. Correctly locating, recording, qualifying and measuring high frequency signals demands particular care and high standards on the part of users and measuring equipment manufacturers alike. In Narda, you can rely on a highly experienced and (from its inception) ISO certified manufacturer and partner that is a major player in the premier league of international test equipment producers. Our qualification stems from our participation in standardization bodies such as CENELEC, IEEE and IEC, our ISO 17025 compliant calibration processes, our recognition as a National Body in Italy, and our know-how gathered over many years in the development and production of electronic measuring devices for customers throughout the world. Our range of measurement equipment includes measuring receivers from 10 Hz to 18 GHz, antennas, field strength meters up to 60 GHz, remote controlled spectrum analyzers, channel power meters, warning monitors, immunity measuring sets, network simulators, power meters, and field sensors. Many of the features of our instruments are protected by patents.

None of our products is the result of an armchair decision. Every product is influenced and defined by a large number of international users both before and during the development cycle, so that we can be sure that any product designed by us is not only fit for purpose but also meets all the requirements of the application and the law, anywhere in the world. Accuracy is particularly important in high frequency measurements. Every instrument produced by Narda is subjected to a whole range of tests as well as a final calibration. The individual serial numbers mean that we can trace each and every instrument back even after many years, and restore it to its original delivery quality level and specifications at any time. This means that users can rely on the measurement data as being legally admissible.


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